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MG Soccer

Good-bye benchwarming, hello team management. Train your own soccer team and win the cup! Take on the role of manager: It's not any easy job, but somebody's got to do it - have you got what it takes?
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Pathfinder What metaphors do you recnomemd instead? (I've been thinking: activities director on a cruise ship )But the fundamental issue is one of power dynamics. Unless you're running your own grid and who has time, really? you're going to be a user with limited powers, and someone else out there will have the ability to shut you down at any time. People rail against Facebook and Google and Microsoft (well, maybe not Microsoft so much anymore) because those companies have power no God powers metaphor required.Once the power dynamics change, so does the level of discontent. And that's the *only* time the level of discontent changes.Folks don't shake their fists and rebel against webhosting companies they just post bad reviews and switch hosts. They don't rebel against bad waiters they just don't leave a tip, then go to another restaurant next time. They used to get really upset about the phone company now they just switch to another cellular carrier.So it's not just absolute power, but absolute monopoly power that gets folks upset. National governments get more criticism than local ones, even though folks interact with the local governments more, because it's much easier to switch cities than countries. I think admins could reduce in-grid tensions by doing the following:* Increase transparency. The less capricious a decision seems to be, the more people are willing to abide by it even if they don't personally agree with it.* Distribute power. Form resident mediation boards (nobody likes jury duty, so this will probably require some serious bribery), allow folks to vote on minor issues, allow folks to vent, etc * Make it easier to leave. By making it easier to leave, it also makes it easier for people to stay. They don't feel trapped. If they really don't like something, they can go somewhere else, so they don't get heated up as much.

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