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K.O. Champs

Step into the red corner at K.O. CHAMPS! Are you a true boxer at heart? If so, then the ring is all yours - let the club's toughest match begin! Will it be a quick knockout victory? Or will you last a full 10 rounds?
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I really wasnt sure what to make of the Herald story. All the Paris Hilton rfereences led me to believe that it contained a heavy dose of sarcasm. But the allusion to the repercussions of falling Aus interest rates and the FOUR TRILLION RENMIBI stimulus package made me think the suggestion to increase consuming was meant to be taken seriously.After 9/11 George Bush encouraged his people to shop for America' and that piece of advice appears to have contributed to the credit crunch as people went shopping crazy on borrowed cash. I fail to see how continuing business as usual in the consumer sector is anything other than the half-measure that is belittled in the penultimate paragraph. If we want to live dangerously and ride the (ill defined) global tsunami then are there options that dont involve me turning into a professional shopper?

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